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Welcome to Westview Clinic
Alcohol and Drug rehabilitation

Westview Clinic is different from other substance abuse rehabilitation centres in a number of ways. We believe that each patient’s needs are unique.
For this reason, we take the time and trouble to personalize each patient’s (medical and therapeutic programme) to his or her specific needs.

We measure or success of our programme not on the number of beds we fill but by the level of personal growth- as judged by tangible increases in work and personal capacity- achieved by each patient. We keep our intake small (18 beds) so we can give our full attention to every patient.

We focus on rebuilding not just the patient’s life but also those of the people closest to him or her.In other words, we have a unique touch- because we treat every part of the patient’s life, from the physical and emotional to the social as a continuum. We do this with compassion.

Westview Clinic


Our iThemba prevention, community outreach and development projects are an extension of our belief that substance abuse is a continuum.

It is not contained within individual addicts but affects their families, the workplace, their communities. And, of course, families, the workplace and communities all play a role in enabling addictive behavior. We believe, therefore...

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Westview Clinic


For obvious reasons, the patient who wrote this letter prefers to remain anonymous. He wants to publish his story in the hope that it will persuade other people with alcohol and drug dependencies to seek professional help.

“Everyone encounters a time in their life when they have to sacrifice one thing in order to gain another. For some that decision to make a sacrifice actually saves their life...

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